Streatham-Croyden RFC

They love playing!

With the boys giving it their all at last week’s game against Crawley RFC, it was evident that the team was still tired from the mid-week cup match on Wednesday. Their number 8, J. Williams played out of his socks, making three assets, in the first 3 tries of the game which gave Streatham the lead before half time.

The lacked of discipline of the boys made the first moments of the second half and gave away two silly tries in the opening 10 mins. Moral dropped between and it was up to skipper D.Wayne to try and lift the team for a final push before the final moments of the game.



The team’s fitness got the better of them and they were struggling to hold off the Crawleys onslaught of attacks. The team defense was showing cracks and in the dying few minutes Crawley broke through to grab a winning try.

A deserved win, but bitter loss for SCRFC. Head coach commented on the performance as needing improvements, which they can work on, at training.  So it looks like the boys are in for a heavy training session in the preparation and lead up to next week’s league game.

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  1. April says:

    It looks like the boys are in for a heavy training session for their next league game.

  2. James Arthur Daley says:

    nice game

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